Love Songs

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Love Songs
Release date: March 21, 1992

Love Songs is the debut studio album by Jennifer Love Hewitt, which released only in Japan on March 21, 1992.

Singles from the album include:

  • “Dancing Queen” – Released: June 21, 1991
  • “What’s It Gonna Take” – Released: November, 1991
  • “Please Save Us the World” – Released: 1992

Production of Love Songs began in 1991. Jennifer Love Hewitt recorded a cover version of the Blondie song “Heart of Glass” as a single for release only in Japan. However, that song was not included in the final track list for this album.

The first single released from the album was a cover of the ABBA song “Dancing Queen”, on June 21, 1991. The second single, “What’s It Gonna Take”, was released that November. The third and final single, “Please Save Us the World”, was released in 1992. A music video for “Please Save Us the World” was made as part of a United Nations charity effort.

Track Listing

Track # Song Title Songwriters Length
1 “First Taste of Love” Carroll, Bob Etoll, Stober 3:55
2 “Bedtime Stories” Etoll, Debbie Gibson 3:55
3 “Please Save Us the World” Casgrove 3:34
4 “Won’t U B Mine” Etoll 4:37
5 “Listen (To Your Heart)” Etoll, Roberts 3:41
6 “90s Kids” Grenga, Love, McLaughlin 4:41
7 “I’ll Find You” Etoll 3:37
8 “Dancing Queen” Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson 3:59
9 “What’s It Gonna Take” Margolis, Mellman 3:13
10 “A Little Jazz” Andrews, Derek Young 3:13
11 “Ben” Walter Scharf, Don Black 2:42