Let’s Go Bang

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Let's Go Bang
Release date: September 12, 1995

Let’s Go Bang is the second studio album by Jennifer Love Hewitt. The album was released by Atlantic Records on September 12, 1995. It is also the first Jennifer Love Hewitt album distributed by Atlantic.

Singles from the album include:

  • “Let’s Go Bang” – Released: July 12, 1995
  • “Couldn’t Find Another Man” – Released: October 11, 1995

The producer of Let’s Go Bang, Angelo Montrone, had “noticed her talents” and brought Jennifer to the attention of then CEO of Atlantic Records, Doug Morris who then signed her.

Let’s Go Bangwas received with enthusiasm by several program directors at pop radio, however, with the departure of Doug Morris from Atlantic in 1995 the plans for promotion were canceled which led to the album’s commercial failure, failing to chart on the US Billboard 200.

The album features contributions from Pino Palladino, Steve Ferrone, John Robinson, and Harvey Mason.

One of the album’s tracks, “Free to Be a Woman”, written by Hewitt and Angelo Montrone, would go on to become the theme song for the series The Modern Girl, that aired on the Style Network.

The album has been praised since its release mostly because of the LP’s rich infusion of new jack swing, house, quiet storm, disco, spoken word, jazz, acoustic and new age into Hewitt’s musical imput.

Track Listing

Track # Song Title Songwriters Length
1 “Kiss Away from Heaven” Peter Bliss, Angelo Montrone 4:24
2 “Let’s Go Bang” Goldmark, Lyter, Roberts 5:00
3 “The Difference Between Us” Camus Celli, Holland, Andres Levin 5:03
4 “Couldn’t Find Another Man” Montrone 4:44
5 “You Make Me Smile” Desmond, Toppano 4:11
6 “In Another Life” Gold, Lorber, Prestopino 4:37
7 “The Garden” Montrone 0:22
8 “Can’t Stand in the Way of Love” Cohen, Levine 3:53
9 “Free to Be a Woman” Jennifer Love Hewitt, Montrone 4:09
10 “Everywhere I Go” Pomerantz, Smith, Stober 4:12
11 “Don’t Turn Your Head Away” Kaye, Montrone 4:31
12 “Baby I’m-a Want You” David Gates 3:43